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First-hand advanced communication techniques and precision timing in responding to customer service, we have introduced the “SERVICE” page on our website.

If you own an Indian Textile Engineer :

PRINTER/EQUIPMENT/MACHINERY and are looking forward to the SERVICING stage, Fill out the form below and submit it, our lead engineer will get in touch with you without any delays.

Product and are offering a suggestion, WE WELCOME IT, Please feel free to fill out the short form below and expect to get in touch shortly without any delays.

Product and are having technical or non-technical issues you can simply fill out the form below and rest a sure we will get in touch with you without any inconvenience or disturbances.

Form for product services

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35 + years in the market and standing strong.

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200+ employees keeping the company live.

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Our R and D Team consist of young engineers who are keen on working with technology.

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We have sold more than 2700+ machines all over India and expanding exponentially.