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Director's Profile

Niki Narendra Diwan


Having established a resilient and devoted Research & Development crew in the last 7 Years with satisfactory structural manufacturing implemented in fabrication of the printers and maintaining comprehensive customer satisfaction is our prime goal. Customers not only have the advantage of our radical production techniques, they have it all throughout the entire process for the reason that the precision attained during the printing is humble & outstanding with fulfilling expectations from our customers end.

Our customers have the inclination & the persistence to achieve maximum reliability on our printers, since over a span of 35+ years, we not only have cultured the printer but we have reformed its composition, such that it is malleable for our customers with the out-put they require & the downtime they can afford.

Indian Textile Engineer’s goal has remained unchanged over the years. The most imperative goal is to provide vital service to the client with precise response time along with providing them with up-to-date technological solutions.

In the recent years of digital textile uprising, there have been many fluctuations in the market. Our aim is in stabilizing the customers first, with the new and informed decisions in the textile market. This in-turn leads to many others following a trend that has its focus on ink cost, print cost, and technological upgrades that are obtained by client that tend to establish a stable market by following assured imperative decisions that we help them make.



Age of the Company


35 + years in the market and standing strong.

Strength of company


200+ employees keeping the company live.

Research & Development.

R & D

Our R and D Team consist of young engineers who are keen on working with technology.

Operatinal Flat Beds


We have sold more than 2700+ machines all over India and expanding exponentially.