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Inkjet Screen Engraving Machine


Reduction in step for screen preparation means faster output

Minimization or elimination of registration issues

Minimization of joint problems since the whole screen is exposed at one instance

Cost reduction upto 30% is possible due to the minimization of screen rejections

Faster preparation of repeat designs as no time is needed to locate the archieve films

The quality of designs exposed are far superior to the film based exposing

Available on peizo inkjet technologies

Available in various size to suit the need of the customers

Can print upto 1440 DPI, which result in Higher LPI Halftones

Build on a rugged structure to suit the industrial environement

Easy to use control panel with locking facility for safety

USP (optinal)


Age of the Company


35 + years in the market and standing strong.

Strength of company


200+ employees keeping the company live.

Research & Development.

R & D

Our R and D Team consist of young engineers who are keen on working with technology.

Operatinal Flat Beds


We have sold more than 2700+ machines all over India and expanding exponentially.