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Gauze Stretching Machine


This topical Gauze stretching Machine for expedient stretching of several screens in one stretching process has important advantages:

Maximum Fabric width 3200 mm

Any Gauze length for 1 or several screens can be stretched due to the sliding carriage with clamp carriages.

Unique machine in which the Gauze has not to be stretched over the whole machine length and adaptation to all stretching widths.

High production by contemporary stretching of several screens.

Easy operations at control panel for length and crosswise stretching and frame pressing against the Gauze.

Perfect contact of the screen frames with the Gauze by means of mechanical lifting and crosswise gauze down holders.

Standard length of the machine of 6m (20') can also be delivered longer or shorter by sections of 1.5 m and the machine width upto screens of 3.2 m (Length or width).


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Our R and D Team consist of young engineers who are keen on working with technology.

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