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Conveyor Cum Float Dryer


Wider Drying chamber is provided to dry heavily printed woven and knitted fabrics. Also special dryer for POLAR & MINK BLANKET. Effective nozzle drying systems give a high drying capacity and uniform distribution of the hot air over the entire surface of the fabrics.

Drying takes place in 1 or 3 passes. Suitable exhaust fans are provided. Easy Accessibility to all parts of the system by door along both sides is provided.

Oil / Steam / Gas : All the three options are available.

No. of Fan : 2/3/4/5/6 up to 10

No of Exhaust :as per Applicable

No.of pass :1 & 3

Install Power Required for dryer :

  • For Regular width : 3 HP (Each Fan)
  • For Wider Width : 5 HP (Each Fan)
  • Plater : 1 HP or 2 HP (For Wider Machine)
  • Exhaust: 2 HP for POLAR & MINK BLANKET DRYER


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