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India’s FIRST Textile Manufacturing company to launch Large Format Inkjet Printers (LFIP) for the textile industry and is also the leading manufacturer of Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine, was established more than four decades ago in 1971.

A Family owned company

A family owned company, ITE has been able to consistently provide its clients with high quality machines in addition to being proficient and competent in the competitive markets today. With a futuristic approach, the company has always looked ahead and offered its clients holistic solutions for their specific needs and requirements from initial levels of concept to the most advanced stages of technology.

India's first LFIP manufacturer

Upon being India’s first LFIP* manufacturer, we have the aptitude, intellect and dedicated workmanship of fellow engineers & designers to enrich the new known technology and put it to profound use. This has given us the opportunity to explore and expand the horizons of the textile Industry and the current market to a whole new level of invention through the valuable progression of creativity allowing us to distinguish the exact customer’s requirement.

Constant Innovation

The company has had a dedicated aim towards mastering the series of printers that not only are engineering aces, but at the same time are cost efficient, energy efficient and provides the priority customer with all the essential requirements that are needed in the field of Textile Printing Production, which are cost efficient inks, Low maintenance, Ease of Operation and the most important of all After Sales Service which has been given utmost importance.

Our company’s target has been unchanged for over four decades and we are happily and eagerly providing our reputable customers with our time and dedicated manufacturing skills to deliver the top of the line service in the massive field of Textile Engineering.


Age of the Company


35 + years in the market and standing strong.

Strength of company


200+ employees keeping the company live.

Research & Development.

R & D

Our R and D Team consist of young engineers who are keen on working with technology.

Operatinal Flat Beds


We have sold more than 2700+ machines all over India and expanding exponentially.